Application Process

How To Apply

Application Process
Application Stages


This process enables you to present your business and value proposition, and in turn allows us to review and assess it to determine its eligibility for funding. After the initial screening, eligible businesses will be notified to make an official pitch. See the application process in the diagram below:- 


The application follows the stages below:

Stage 1 —:

  • Submission of business idea/plan
  • Reviews all the business ideas/plans or existing businesses (as the case may be) by selection committee.
  • Selection of high-potential ideas or viable business that can be translated into a venture or scaled up

Stage 2 —:

This is the transformation of business idea or venture to a potential bankable company. This is the most significant part of the model and it might take between 3 months to 6 months. It entails helping the selected business idea or venture become ready for financing from Angel Investors and other financial investors. The Secretariat/Incubation Centre will provide the selected entrepreneurs with the appropriate resources needed for succeeding in business. This include simulation environments and access to established business managers. The Incubation Centre will access experts that can mentor the entrepreneurs who are in the program.

Stage 3 —

This involves financing the businesses that have been developed or fine-tuned using resources at the Incubation Centre to address all the initial teething challenges and be ready for funding. Mentoring of the entrepreneurs selected at this stage will also be intensified.