AKAMU+ is a product desired to meet this need for demand by locals but with the addition of nutrients such as Vitamin D and Calcium in powder form to bolster the nutrient composition as well as the sales of the product. The aim of every business is to attain a state of profitability and remain profitable. Akamu+ project from all figures shown proves not only viable over a short period but actually sustainable considering the strategy Serith limited is willing to employ. With a lean start-up budget, the project can be manage to profitability within a short period after which the company can aim for expansion and launch of other line of processed agricultural products.

The consumption of corn pap cut across the different social-economic status, age groups, gender in Nigerian as it is generally an African meal. AKAMU+ as an innovation product is targeted at the mass market; particularly people with Nigerian cultural background living in the urban and rural communities within the shores of Nigeria and abroad. Families with particular interest in easy-to-prepare yet well nourishing and affordable meals, low- to –medium income earing mothers with particular interest in affordable yet very nutritious easy-to-prepare meals for their babies.

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